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- Pushing the boundaries -

Our values

  • A family of many traits

    We steer towards our common goal by using the same compass. Working here means being part of a collaborative and inclusive team where we always put cooperation before competition. It is our commitment which drives us forward.

  • Courageous by nature

    With our competence, courage, and creativity, we find new paths and ways of doing things. With our passion for the ocean and respect for the sea, we break new grounds to complete our assignments, which we strive to be a recommendation for future missions.

  • We are a partnership

    We constantly work to develop our operations and services to meet the changing needs of our clients, which we rather call our partners. Because in the end, our goal is to carry out successful and cost-effective projects. And we do it together as a team.

  • Always persistent

    At Clinton we don’t see problems, only challenges. We are persistent and always willing to go that extra mile, even when we are up against the wind. We continue to learn and grow from all our experiences.

Our offers

  • Together in the same boat

    With teamwork as our foundation, we work hard together to reach our common goal. It might be challenging sometimes, but there’s always someone to give you a helping hand and support you along the way. We rely on each other and care for one another, making sure that everyone is onboard.

  • No fun without a challenge

    Our question is simple: Is anything really interesting if it doesn’t challenge you? We are a hungry team who likes a good challenge, and that’s what’s fun with being part of this crew – ready to battle anything which comes our way.

  • A place to grow and to stay

    We always strive to push the boundaries to find the best solutions, and by doing that we push our own as well. We are a place for you to learn, develop and stay. We believe that the best way to learn is by doing, allowing you to develop through the experiences gained along the journey. Together we find new horizons, beneath and beyond the seabed.

  • With health comes results

    Work-life balance may sound generic, yet it’s what we believe has put us in our position as of today. We believe that when you are in harmony, the results will be too. That’s why we have a focus on your health – so you can fit in life in between work, and work in between life.

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