How long have you worked for Clinton?

Since August 2016

What made you apply for a job at Clinton?

When I first came into contact with Clinton Marine Survey I felt that the company had a very positive edge to it. This is a company where I am given the possibility to combine my interest for technology and science with outdoors work and my interest for mapping.

What are your main tasks at Clinton today?

I am stationed in Stockholm where I work as a Surveyor on o our vessel Lode and as a Data Processor.

What is the best part to work as a Surveyor / Data Processor?

One of the best parts of my work is the fact that hydrographic surveying is very intriguing in itself, it feels as if you are granted access to a parallel world every time you’re on a vessel “looking” at the bathymetry directly underneath you, very exciting stuff! The fact that I follow projects from start to end gives me the opportunity to combine work at the office with work in the field. I like this variety a lot, during the start-up face I get the chance to plan projects together with clients, and then it falls on me to go out and execute the survey. It is very nice to be able to have control and insight in all aspects of a project which I believe facilitate the delivery of a high quality product. On the whole I believe the best part of my work is my colleagues and the possibility to develop professionally.

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